Deborah Latham


By which I mean that it's about time I thanked a few people...

This website has been produced for me by Mark Barnwell, who is not only a web designer but, even more importantly, a skilled and popular Spanish guitarist who has released a number of CDs into the wild - you can find out more about him if you visit Please do - he really is very good at what he does!

Just for the record, my favourite Mark Barnwell track? Fiesta Latina, from his Passionata album. Check it out here!

Very importantly, thanks to SilverWood Books - particularly Helen Hart, Publishing Director, and Jo Zefron-Stenlake, Publishing Assistant - for their infinite patience and invaluable support throughout the production of Peter McLeish.

And last but most emphatically not least, I would like to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude I owe - for so many things! - to Wink Taylor, who is so many things! Actor, writer, voice impressionist (put 'Wink Taylor' into the search on YouTube to see his video tributes to all the Doctors from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi, plus the Master and the Brigadier) and, of course, creator of Theo the Mouse!

(In case this fact hadn't already registered with you, another opportunity to hear Wink being all of the aforementioned Doctors is available by visiting the Doctor Who - Chain Letter page on this website. Whichever destination you choose, you'll discover that he really is very good at what he does!)

Deborah Latham